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International affairs department

E-mail: info@nesterova.ru


International Affairs Department
Natalia Nesterova
Moscow Academy of Education
38 Varshavskoe shosse
115 230 Moscow, Russia

About us

We avail ourselves of this opportunity to introduce to the people and the organizations concerned the Natalya Nesterova Academy as one of the best higher educational institutions. The Academy is an educational body of continuous education from creche to university level.

The Academy is proud to inform that it established a department of Russian as a Foreign Language and Central Testing Center of Russian as a Foreign Language at the Faculty of Foreign Relations. There are following departments at the Academy:

  • Law (Civil Law) (more);
  • Psychology (more);
  • Tourism (Technology and Organization of Tour operating and Tour agent service) (more);
  • Advertising and PR (Advertising and Public Relations in Branch) (more);
  • Journalism (more);
  • Economics (Finance and Credit) (more);
  • Management (Marketing Financial Management) (more);
  • Choreography (Pedagogy of Ballet, Pedagogy of Ballroom Dancing) (more);
  • History of Arts (more);
  • Design (Graphic design, Design of environment) (more);
  • Fashion Marketing (more);
  • Fashion Design (more);
  • The Fine Arts (Paiting) (more);
  • Cinema and TV Production (more);
  • Master of Actor (more);
  • Linguistics (Language and Intercultural Communication Theory) (more);
  • Computer Science and Computer Facilities (Program Maintenance of Means of Computer Facilities and Automated Systems) (more);

We welcome foreign students from all over the world and provide them with highly professional knowledge in different spheres. The staff of the Academy comprises most distinguished professors and teachers.

More detailed information is available at our site http://www.nesterova.ru